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Don’t wait on anyone else.  Be your own best valentine and get yourself some flowers or whatever other treat you would like.  (And don’t do it just this week… Treat yourself when ever you think of it.)

(Hugs to you all.)


When you were younger

I have a tumblr that’s fannish and full of pop culture nerdery.  It is not connected to this blog, for various reasons.  But one of the things I do blog about there is the idea that we each get to choose ourselves, even if it runs against what convention would tell us is “right.”

Recently, I reblogged someone’s tweet that said “be the person you needed when you were younger,” then added the comment “and tell your friends and family to fuck off if they don’t like it.”

I meant that and mean it still, though defining the contours of what I needed (someone to say yes, to listen, to tell me that I was great, to not criticize, someone who didn’t expect me to mediate their adult woes, those are all just starters) is an ongoing journey.  Continue reading