Actual phone call

Telemarketer: Hello, I am calling to talk to you about the wonderful benefits that solar panels can bring to your home…

Me, Voice as Dead as My Soul: It is blizzarding AGAIN here in Boston.

Telemarketer: I’ll call back some other time?

Me: Take us off of your list.  (Hangs up phone.  Trudges, once more, into the breach, to take up my shovel.  Some more.)

(I am not usually so abrupt with the telemarketing trade but THAT particular call…)


I read non fiction.  And poetry.  And see serious business documentaries.  But my favorite movie-viewing is trash.  I’m going to see Jupiter Ascending tonight with a girlfriend, just because it has Channing Tatum as a rocket-powered rollerblading albino space werewolf wearing guyliner.


Tee hee.

(Edited to add, it was fantastically fun.)

Snow more

We are at record snow levels in Boston; the last time there was this much snow in a month,  much less a winter, I was barely aged 4.  There are pictures (square, faded, and now I would have to crop and choose a phone filter to get that effect) of the snow piled roof-high against the garage.  I remember the snow slide, the kids on this block climbing up the side of the snow pile while kindergarten was cancelled to slip, down, down again.  It was two weeks of snow down snow pants and up jackets and inside mittens, and then running down the block to get sleds, the six-foot plus piles of snow on sidewalks piled like tunnels, way over our heads.

It felt cold and free then, and you could go in the house to get warm when it got (rarely) too much.  Who’d ever have known that now we’d have WiFi, and there’d be no such thing as an adult snow day anymore– just breaks to go shovel snow and uncreak your back from sitting at your laptop by wearing it out hurling snow into claustrophobic sidewalk tunnels that close in your car, cold and too much.

There’s another 15 inches predicted this weekend, and all I can think is I’m glad I already have the holiday off; I can space the shoveling out.

I’m sitting waiting for the other half of this morning’s work meeting to show up given Boston’s snow & traffic, and thinking random thoughts like:

It used to snow this much when I was a kid, so the fact that global warming has now brought it bag should be no big deal.  Except I didn’t have to shovel it then.

The urban v. suburban cultural differences at work aren’t just race but class and gender-based, and the intersections in trying to build a company culture is…interesting and treacherous.

Adulthood is about not just accepting but embracing the fact that you will “disappoint” your parents’ ambitions for you, and that it’s their problem, not yours.  Which doesn’t mean you can’t try to break that news to them gently, but you don’t have to coddle them either.  There was a more long- winded version of this post in my head at some point, but this is the sum of it now.

I’ve been reading my beloved SciFi novels in between business reads.   Station Eleven is not typical SciFi, and it’s a great standalone read even if you don’t think you like post-apocalyptic reads, because it’s really about people.  Good stuff.

Been a long time

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here, for lots of reasons, including job changes, considering what, where, and how to say things, and other more inchoate, mostly good things.  Is there still any interest here, at this blog?  I am, silly at it sounds, thinking of a rebrand, in this, my 40th year.  I am thinking of personal v. professional, “writing” v. musing, etc.