I broke my shecurmudgeon.com blog, then took a bit of an involuntary hiatus from blogging.  Previously, I have blogged as bipolarlawyercook.  All that content lives here now, and goes back to 2007.  It’s been a helluva journey.

I am: not-quite-40, separated from my husband of 12 years for complicated reasons spelt out elswhere.  I’m an ex-lawyer.  I’m sometimes a bitch.  I have been a lower-end-of-the-food-chain manager at that major chain bookstore in the U.S. with real brick and mortar shops that’s not Amazon, and yes, I do own and love their brand-name e-reader, even as I still own thousands of paper books, too.  I recently shifted to a less brain dead position with a large, national chain that sells healthy, organic food, and I get to do interesting, back-of-the-house things that put my management and my lawyering experience to work at the same time.

I am trying to get my head wrapped around getting over being ashamed for having a Big Fat Nervous Breakdown about being a litigation attorney and losing my shit for a while over that; recovering my self-esteem against the slings and arrows aimed by myself and my unwitting family is kind of a theme for me right now.

I am also trying to get the hell over myself.  I’m not the first person to get not have their marriage work out, or be crazy, or have crazy/sad parents.  And I’m not the first person to be in denial and partly complicit in all of that stuff and develop bad/codependent habits because thinking too hard about the shit I had to put up with most of the time was too hard.  But– getting over the woe-is-me crap, getting over being mad at the people who I let and/or helped mess my head up and just learning to be sad for how messed up they are instead, getting over being mad at me for not noticing/putting my foot down/being clearer about stopping certain BS earling on?  Therapy.  It’s a thing.  I’d also like to get laid again before I turn 40.  Baby steps, it’s what I tell myself.

As my former url might suggest, I’m an amateur cook, an amateur photographer (Canon Rebel t3i), occasional fangirl (though not here) and professional crazy person, aka, I’m bipolar.

Also, I am a really, really intermittent and inconsistent blogger and blog-friend.  But I do like to write, to cook, to try to joke about stuff, and I love to hear from you, even if I’m sometimes lousy at answering comments.


I am not a web 2.0 person, not very much, though I do have a tumblr.  I do not tweet.  I don’t like to IM or chat or hangout.  “Liking” my post or just tracking me back without an accompanying post isn’t going to pique my interest, partly because I’m a curmudgeon and partly because I started blogging during Web 1.0, when you either shit or got off the pot  left a comment and thus indicated your interest in starting a real internet conversation, or lurked until you got you courage up.  I don’t “like” many things.  I am more of a love-it or hate-it and comment either way kind of person.  Either you have something to say– so say it, or don’t.  I’m not in this for blog stats.

All photographs and content are copyright of the author unless otherwise credited. Inquiries regarding prints of photographs (found at my Flickr, link on main page) may be left in comments, or you can email me at shecurmudgeon@gmail.com.

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