I broke my shecurmudgeon.com blog, then took a bit of an involuntary hiatus from blogging.  Previously, I have blogged as bipolarlawyercook.  All that content lives here now, and goes back to 2007.  It’s been a helluva journey.

I am: over 40, separated from a husband for complicated reasons spelt out elswhere.  I’m an ex-lawyer.  I’m sometimes a bitch.  I work in HR in a non-profit, after some difficult years after having a Big Fat Nervous Breakdown about being a litigation attorney and losing my shit for a while over that.

I cook, I take pictures, I garden.  Sometimes I hike.  I fangirl elsewhere.  I hang out with family.  I have a niece who is the coolest.

I’m bipolar 2, having struggled with depression up & down since I was about thirteen, and found my bipolar diagnosis in my early thirties.  It has not been a smooth and straight journey.


All photographs and content are copyright of the author unless otherwise credited. Inquiries regarding prints of photographs (found at my Flickr, link on main page) may be left in comments, or you can email me at shecurmudgeon@gmail.com.

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