Don’t wait on anyone else.  Be your own best valentine and get yourself some flowers or whatever other treat you would like.  (And don’t do it just this week… Treat yourself when ever you think of it.)

(Hugs to you all.)


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  1. Dawn

    Many was the time in my single days when I bought myself flowers. I can confirm they’re a wonderful uptick, no matter who buys them! And doing it yourself guarantees getting exactly what you like.
    (side–and probably unrelated–note: one summer’s evening many and many a moon ago, I walked home from the supermarket with a cloth bag of food, a straw hat on my head, and a armful of flowers. I felt so EUROPEAN!)

    We decided to play the V-Day thing smart. I’m in a happy place, and I do like flowers and gifts and chocolate, but don’t *need* them. We’re doing the romantic thing Sunday when restaurants are less crowded and I told him when he mentioned flowers that he could wait until then as well. Cheaper, if nothing else, and I still get a pretty bouquet on the table for the week. Today we simply went out to some interesting little stores and explored an area neither of us had really been through. Sweet day all around.

    1. She Curmudgeon Post author

      Good, good! Mutually agreed upon bargaining is sexy! : ) As is exploring. “I’m in a happy place” is so good to hear. May that continue to be the case for you both!


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