Why I don’t “like” many things– a call to comment

Schmutzie has a great post here about quitting the “like” option on FB and how it changed her feed and her interactions with people for the better.  It reminds me of blogging 1.0, when we were all on blogger and there WAS NO LIKE BUTTON AND WE ALL USED NETSCAPE for a browser AND WE LIKED IT (ahem) THAT WAY.  Uphill, both ways, on a 28.8 bit modem.  Rah.  Hipsters on my internet lawn.

I say in my “about” page that I don’t “like” back a lot of people who stop by & like posts– and that’s not because I don’t appreciate that you stopped by & took the time to read, but because I am a bit of a blog-luddite-curmudgeon, and, while I admit, my time is limited and I am really bad about being social at visiting everyone who stops by and leaving comments, (and thank you, again, for visiting) I started blogging when you either lurked or took the leap to leave a comment and engaged and took the risk of either being ignored by the big name bloggers out there, or of making good friends for life with your fellow denizens of the ‘tubes.

I have re-made the commitment to reply back to everyone who does leave a comment– and now I need to take that next step again and not just reply but visit back (or email, for those of you who do not have blogs, *gasp*) for everyone who comments, and to make the time to explore and see about expanding that internet circle from the one I started back before there were mobile platforms and a laptop still weighed over ten pounds.  : )   So– no, I won’t “like” your blog.  But if you leave a comment or question, I will reply, and I will get out of my curmudgeonly shell and visit, just like at the dawn of the tubes when there was no like button at all.

I’m going to thumbs-down the thumbs-up.  How about you?


2 thoughts on “Why I don’t “like” many things– a call to comment

  1. blogthismom

    This is a really cool post. I do still *like* things on Facebook because, well, I like things. I’ve only ever *liked* if I actually like, and so I keep liking. I also comment when moved to do so. Does that make sense? Anyway, I adore Schumutzie and loved her post and points she made about liking.

    Anyway, the best part of blogging (for me) back in the day when our blogs were painted on cave walls and carved into stone tablets, was the comments, where relationships were built (and less often torn down). After I took a blogging haitus, I was told that things are different in the Blogosphere now, and I suppose they are. But I still see relationships in the comment sections of the blogs I’m reading. And after moving to WordPress that allows replies to individual comments (when I was on Blogger it didn’t have that feature), there’s increased opportunity for direct conversation. In short, I still like that part of blogging best.

    Great post, you. XO


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