Round & round

Always lead with a zebra.

There’s a carousel at the Boston Common Frog Pond, one the city improvements made during the Menino administratration.  It’s apparently a wooden carousel built in 1947 by the Allan Herschell Company from upstate NY, a company that made amusement rides, including ornate carousels.  I always enjoyed merry-go-rounds when I was little, but back in those days you had to go to an actual amusement park to ride one– not like today, when there are two lovely go-rounds like this for public viewing and riding here in Boston.

Soon enough, my niece will be big enough to ride one and I can stand next to her and use that as an excuse to climb aboard. In the meantime, I’ll just admire the details.

The mane event.

Easter is serious business.

This is what you’re watching out for on those road signs.

Clearly a fantasy, since no cat would wear a saddle when there was fish to consume.

He’s kind of scary. In all the most awesome ways.


Always looking up.



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