No. 0638

Late night bus drivers are the worst martinets.  Everyone wants to be home, even them, and the only thing the driver can do is be early or late, pull up short of the stop so everyone who’s queued at the sign is now at the back of the line and as furious as you, driver 0638, you who mash the brakes far too hard and charge up the hill, lurching and carsick.  (Lifesick.). I hope you get home safely, (if that’s where you want to be) but I do think you should know I’m the only one to write you a poem instead of a realtime smartphone consumer complaint.  That muttering at the back of the bus isn’t sympathy, pal.  Better to pull up to the sign the next time.  The 11p.m. after work crowd will let you pretend you were late between runs, but disrespecting the line?  Maybe you should let someone else take the wheel for a while.


One thought on “No. 0638

  1. Dawn

    Some years ago I heard an old Bob Newhart routine about bus drivers–he may have been talking about the CTA, but it’s probably applicable everywhere. “OK, there’s old Mrs Alexander with her cane; now drive just slow enough that she thinks she can catch you, but fast enough to stay out of reach–then pull away suddenly” kind of thing.

    And I was convinced that they were still training their drivers that way up through the 90s at the very earliest when they left us to shiver, freeze, roast, get soaked, and/or blown away at the beginning of the route by parking the bus 10 feet from the platform/sign and then sauntering away for a break.


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