Sometimes the kale life chooses you.

It’s some sign of something (adulthood? hippiedom? DIY-freakshowness?) that I have come to a point in my life where not only are kale chips a thing that I eat, on the regular, even, but I have opinions about store-bought (dehydrated, raw) versus homemade (oven-baked, salt & vinegar or lemon juice, other seasonings too).

For the record: homemade, from lacinato, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, black pepper, massaged & let to rest for 10 minutes, then roasted at 475 for 10 minutes on parchment, tossed halfway through.   (Cider vinegar will also do.)

That dehydrated curly kale stuff is fine, in a pinch, but nutritional yeast and miso and sesame seeds & all that other seasoning stuff is not really ranch flavor– not now, not ever.

What I can’t tell is what it means that I’m digging a whole other bed in the garden because I didn’t get enough of my own homegrown (lacinato, picked small and large) kale this summer & fall.

Maybe I should dig a well so people just think I’m a survivalist nut, and not simply crazy for mineral-rich greens.


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