The rain, two days’ worth, beat down my sixth-year hibiscus, the one with blooms as big as platters, the red like arterial blood.  The stems bowed, flowers too heavy, the weather too much, but some fake plastic bamboo, staked behind, green-dyed hemp twine to pull it upright– it’s not the same, and who knows if it will stay sunny enough the rest of the growing season to take the stakes out, but I’ll brace my blossoms.  Not when the “choice” is cutting them off at the ground because something outside their control beat them down.


One thought on “Stake

  1. Dawn

    Oh, I love hibiscus! Especially the red ones. It’s one of my favorite memories from Puerto Rico, the big hibiscus hedge at the edge of our yard. As I recall, it wasn’t one of those with the plate-sized blooms, but I do remember how each flower lasted one day, with more the next day. *wistful smile* Perhaps it’s the golden haze of childhood that adds to their appeal?

    I’d love to see a picture, regardless. They’re still pretty, even if they do have to smile up at us instead of straight on, right?

    I assume you’ve got one in a pot–what’s the care over winter? I’ve been thinking about getting one myself but was always uncertain about the cold months: drafts, lack of light (because I kept the curtains closed to keep out the cold a little more on those frigid days). But this house is a little better constructed, I think.


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