Apricot & Mascarpone (Gluten Free) Tart

It’s actually not really as fancy as it looks– peak-season apricots, halved.  Most of a tub of mascarpone, beat with a tablespon of honey.  A 9-inch ceramic tart pan filled with most of a recipe of Namaste brand gluten-free biscuit/piecrust mix (I froze the rest, I can make a mini tartlet sometime) pressed into the pan because GF piecrust just doesn’t roll, it only smooshes into the pan.  I parbaked the crust for 10 minutes (no pricking, because of the liquidy filling) at 400F (the recommended heat from the mix) and then took it out, put in the cheese & then placed the apricots on top, then baked at 400F for another half-hour, until the filling bubbled and the apricot skins were shrunken and browned, and the crust edges were browned as well.

The mix does have xanthan gum, so if you’re sensitive, please take note.  I wanted to try something else besides Bob’s and King Arthur, and this was on offer at the newest of the stores our company’s been opening up in the area, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I like it– it’s got rice flour & tapioca starch for the starches, and sorghum for the flour part, as well as xantham, baking powder, potato starch & baking soda– which make it the biscuit mix, I guess, with the rise.  It’s not as gritty as Bob’s, though, so either there’s less rice flour by ratio, or it’s milled more finely.

On a non-baking note, but related to why the crust is gluten-free:

I’ve been getting more celiac and less gluten-intolerant lately– I don’t know if it’s a function of stress, age, too much gluten eaten all at once, lately, because there is so much tasty stuff to eat at work, or some combination of all of those things.  I know my grandmother, whom I inherit it from, figured it out at about my age (late 30s) so it makes sense that it’s getting worse, but the last few “Urgh, I got glutened” bouts have been really miserable, with bad headaches and a case of cold sweats, not just the antisocial GI distress that can and has gone on for days.  Time to really cut it all out, and also to cut back on the carb consumption again– I love the new job, but it has been stressful with all the work & responsibility & being around food in a sedentary position all day isn’t great, so I’ve put on about 5 lbs more than I’m comfortable with.  Some of that is sugar consumption, since we don’t carry diet anything, ever, and sugar and carbs are not good for the PCOS (which I like to forget that I have) but some of that is activity level, I’m sure.

I’m going to make this tart my last carbtastic blowout– and then find ways to make crisps and crumbles with nuts and agave instead.


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