Double rainbow

Two double rainbows, four days.
Rain and sun, cloud and clear.
It’s all an illusion, but really, it’s not.
As if one rainbow wasn’t enough,
that its echo should bow,
clear, over the top.
Illusion?  It’s there.  It’s beheld.
It isn’t unreal.
Elusive, yes, because water dries
as the sun warms the air,
and the fading of a rainbow
is nothing if it’s not proof–
it’s hard for such different things
to occupy the same space.
Different, yes.  Impossible, no.
Four rainbows (well, one stacked
on top of the other, two days apart,
because I’m the one counting,)
is certainly proof.
Elusive can mean ephemeral, rare.
Sometimes, though, in the case
of two double rainbows in only four days,
it means something else.
Frequent.  Lovely.  Rubberneck-worthy.
Occupying the same space as
everyone else who goggles and says–
ooh.  Double rainbow.
That feeling may fade–
but it will come back, right as rain,
sure as the sun rises and sets.



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