Perfectly all currants

This used to be more of a cooking blog.  I still cook (I started cooking again), I’ve just been doing a terrible job of posting the photos.

So: for your consideration.  A pink and red currant parfait, made with Nourse Farm currants from Whately, MA, bought at my store, then mashed with some sugar and layered with ladyfingers, whipped cream, creme fraiche, and intact currants on top.  The red currants are super-tart, but the pink ones are sweeter.  Together, with the cream and the crunch of the ladyfingers (the parfaits only sat an hour in the fridge) they were the perfect sweet-tart no-bake summer dessert.

I’m going to make a fool with the rest of the currants and the rest of the whipped cream tomorrow.  Whee!  English desserts!


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