I love that I walked into the break room Thursday evening and six rapt co-workers were sitting watching Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix.  A vegan militant lesbian, two cool dudes from the DR, a single dad from one of the super-rough parts of town, a young woman who’s just left a really, really horrid relationship so that work is her safest space, a gay gentleman with such joie de vivre, and a preppy manager who would really rather be sailing, all united in their hatred of Dolores Umbridge.

No, seriously– they were all, everyone of them, booing the pink-suited bitch.

So, with *hearteyes* and *chinhands* I sat, and at the appropriate moment, noted “Neville Longbottom’s a badass.”

“He’s effing hot, too,” said one of the Dominican dudes, with a shrug that was completely secure in his masculinity, as he exchanged a fistbump with the lesbian sitting next to him, who muttered “damn right.”

“Luna Lovegood’s a stone cold badass as well,” noted the preppy sailor.

Yeah.  It was great.

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