Enter, gory backblogstory

So, the husband very kindly managed to fix the breaking of my previous blog, even though I hadn’t expected him to and was in the middle of trying to figure out how to unbreak it myself/which of my techy friends I wouldn’t mind rummaging around in my archives.  But the husband is a generous person, and he managed to fix it.  And then, I imported it all here, with nary a corrupted file import, a small miracle in and of its very self.

If you’re so inspired, you can now read all the gory details going back to 2007.  Or the chocolate truffle post.  I recommend that one.

She Curmudgeon, now with added bipolarlawyercook and pre-breakup archives!    Also, some pretty damned tasty recipes and occasional amusing food-fail.  Come on, you know it’s a train wreck you want to watch.


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