articulation (a:tIkjU’leIsen)
1. the act or process of speaking or expressing in words
2. a. the process of articulating a speech sound
b. the sound so produced, esp. a consontant
3. the act or the state of being jointed together
4. the form or manner in which something is jointed
5. zoology
a. a joint such as that between bones or arthropod segments
b. the way in which jointed parts are connected
6.  botany the part of the plant at which natural separation occurs, such as the joint between leaf and stem
7.  a joint or jointing
Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition

The crane turned– slowly, in each specific increment of mechanical movement as the loads of shining I-beams swayed in the air.  The building was at least 500 feet– that’s what the spray paint said on the side, at least what I could see from my vantage point in traffic on the bridge just beside.
Its arm swung, slow as it rose, hinged back in its joint to miss the central ventilation shaft that stood taller among the rest of the construction, right in the middle, right in the way.
Its steel burden shone as it wobbled on its connecting steel rope.
And then the arm didn’t so much as lurch as– kink up and around by some unseen locomotion, the progress now sweeping around, steady until the destination was reached, at which point the arm slowed, curled in somehow, mechanics not as all rude as it pulled in and high to lower the beams, loads one-two-three soft and easy into the arms of the mere humans gathered like an army of ants to carry off their leaf-booty to their caverns below.
The jib, steel cable whipping wide in the breeze, curled back to itself, folded down, folded in but not onto the boom, its tiny cab the unbelievable source of all of that reach, all of that heft, that and two stubby outriggers digging into landfill.
Its operator hopped out.
The traffic light up ahead changed, a third cycle of lights.
The policeman, done being contrary, blew his whistle and signalled our direction ahead.
All clear.

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