The Land of Forgiving Anyway and Getting on With Your Life

Today’s Writer’s Almanac has a poem that’s lovely and is probably right in its sentiments.  It’s called “The Land of Beginning Again,” and it’s wishful and wistful about undoing the harms and heartaches and mistakes we inflict on ourselves and others.

Still, I can’t quite agree.  I feel guilty and often horrid about the mistakes & blindness I’ve had and inflicted on others, on purpose or else-wise, but I wouldn’t wish that it all was undone.  In the words of those wise sages Trey Parker & Matt Stone, “I’ve learned something today,” and even when the lesson seems stupid or pointless or awful or just plain horribly sucks– I’d still rather learn than be “all unaware,” like the poet says.

I think that’s the worse grief.


2 thoughts on “The Land of Forgiving Anyway and Getting on With Your Life

  1. braineatsbrain

    Truth. Coming to self awareness and mindfulness and even empathy in some cases has been a long and painful process for me. And I look back on some of the things I’ve done and some of the people I’ve hurt and cringe. But I wouldn’t wipe those slates clean and go on, because causing that pain and doing those stupid, careless things are what taught me to be better.

    I can say with perfect honesty that I am a better human being today than I was 10 years ago. Tomorrow I’d like to be able to say that i am a better person than i was today. It’s a process and there is no end point, but it is something that you have to work at and do and fuck up occasionally.


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