This is the feeling

… and then sometimes you’re so busy, maybe you’ve begun a new job and it’s all quite a whirl, lots of welcomes and lists of things to learn, things to do, and maybe your new job coincides with opening a new store as well, and so maybe, it’s twice as much not-quite-chaos, but in any event, there’s lots of running around and hard concentration and constant interruption and smiling so hard, because everyone is happy to meet you and worried about opening day and wants you to like it there, in the new place with them, and you do, you do, you do, so even though it’s a lot to take in you smile and you don’t bang your head that hard on the desk or say argh too many times when nothing’s as it should be because yes, the opening of a new store is always chaos, so you forget to eat lunch and you smile back; you want them to like you, and not just because it’s part of your new job to make sure all personnel are well-adjusted and well-informed (not to mention the part where they get paid) and if your brain and eyes and everything hurt at the end of the day and the week both flies by and the minutes drag on until the answer to the question of what is for supper is either bed, whiskey, or both, just nothing solid, imbibed, well, it’s all worth it, still, for the smiles and the rush and the chaos of opening day and six deep at the coffee bar within fifteen minutes of open and people settling into place and finding their lockers and aprons and shaking off the construction dust settled everywhere by the violently noisome compressors, that and the way people greet you back with a smile, customers and personnel all, come and find you and ask you questions even when you don’t know the answer, are patient while you go with them to find out because somehow you’ve sidestepped into the real where learning curves are completely allowed, and everyone laughs at each other’s jokes, not just to be nice and not just because everyone’s totally punch-drunk and in love with the way everything looks, but because they want it to work out so much that they really think it’s funny, even when really, it’s not.  Everyone’s smile is goofy and dazed, and everyone has questions and is being careful; there will be time, later, for fights and low moods, but for now, this is the feeling of ninety one people falling in love with a new home, one that just happens to be a store.


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