Mary, quite

I know I talk about being lonely,
I think about it as well–
I know that it worries a particular
subset of you(s) who know that
for me, there’s a need for solitude
and then there’s depressive withdrawal–
and sometimes that line’s hard to draw
or wasn’t there,
not much at all.
Still, the fact remains that as much as there
are several particular you(s) with whom
I am angry, or sad, disappointed,
no longer want to reach out or
be reached out to,
as much as I know there’ll be a day
when I feel not only nowhere near gun-shy
but will actually be able to notice the gun
(you see what I did there, don’t you?),
and as much as there are particular you(s)
whom I am always happy to talk to,
to see,
the fact still remains.
I will be quite happy to have the house to
and I can’t wait to drop you off at the airport.
A whole week,
time when I can learn to be lonely


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