Things to do on vacation this week

Sleep and troll the internet for three days on newly-restored-to-me laptop.  Day 2, achievement unlocked.

Titrate back up on lower SSRI dose, and keep fingers crossed that all continues to be ok.

Bake something gluten free and paleo with all the damned almonds and coconut oil in the house.

Clean the bathroom and put everything back into my room after wallpapering.

Apply for a millionty jobs, and not feel stupid about turning down the offer for something that was 100% commission-based doing something I don’t think I’d have liked very much.

Get my hair cut.  Maybe color it, too, now that I remember what color my real hair is.

Have lunch with friends, more than once.

Write something.  Anything.  On more than one day, for more than one hour.

Fill out the paperwork to get my Mass. lawyer’s license out of hock, even if it’s just to put it into inactive status.  Breathe.  Do the same thing for the other states where I’m licensed.

File for divorce.

*Inhale.  Exhale.  Repeat.*


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