The hatches are battened…

This winter’s snowpocalypse is suppsed to land around noontime today, which means I have already:

1.  Fended off a call from my mother in San Diego about our impending doom, even though she grew up in Minnesota and lived in Boston most of her life,

2.  Tested all three camping lanterns, five flashlights, and fished out all the candles we own, even though we hardly suffered a flicker during Hurricane Sandy,

3.  Visited the grocery store for vital, life giving supplies like Greek yogurt, cheese sticks, fruit salad, and chicken thighs.  (“No bread?” Asked my father, even though I am on a gluten free diet and he’s diabetic and not supposed to be eating bread anyway.  IDK, is there a Joslin “except blizzards” clause no one told me about?), and

4.  Downloaded several trashy books and routed out several hard copies, too, just in case work is cancelled.  Clearly, this was the priority I addressed first.  I just wish my laptop wasn’t off for repair, or I would mainline Star Trek, since the series box sets were on sale at work.


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