Maybe I should have used the ISBNs?

My dad’s on his annual nesting binge, which means wallpapering a few rooms.  We did his exercise room/my old childhood bedroom, and now we’re doing my Nana’s old room and my current bedroom.  Which means going through all my still-unpacked boxes (whoops, I’ve only been here a year and a half, now) and the things in my room and doing another round of discards of books and clothes-items before getting them boxed, once again, so we can clean out the room and strip the walls down.

Three boxes of books to the library, two bags of clothes to Goodwill.  Amazing how much you can pare down a life, just by letting things sit and looking at them much later.  Amazing how much you don’t need.

I’ve got the books all reboxed and labeled and stacked in the across-the-hall room– by book type and genre.

Dad’s complaining he can’t tell what’s inside, even though it’s not as though he’s got to unpack them.  HC Fic/Lit and TP Mys/Rom  and MM SF/F and Misc Strips/ARCs seem to make sense to me.


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