In re: the Hunger Games movie haters…

Lenny Gold

I didn’t like the books all that much. (HERESY. Still. The love triangle and the way it resolved felt forced, and don’t give me the “But it’s YA, they can’t talk about some things” BS, and I would have been happy with a less happy/pat ending.) I thought that some of the text/events they edited out in the movie (SPOILER ALERT: WHERE IS THE BREAD?!?) were things that should have been left in, especially to foreshadow Katniss’ role in the books to come. But. I thought it was visceral, the battle scenes and chases in the Arena were perfect, I loved the ever-loving hell out of Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland, and while Wes Bentley is a new and fascinating figure to me (MUST GO RENT ALL HIS MOVIES, even if he lacks the facial hair), in the end, I thought it did what it ought– as a movie– put into pictures things that can be hard to imagine on the page, even if you’re an avid reader and fantasist/fandom nerd/artist/writer/whatever. I thought Josh Hutcherson was especially brilliant, and made me want to go back and re-read because his smiling slickness and couth at the “star-crossed-love” made me re-think Peeta. I thought the other actors all brought layers to the characters that I could tell were there in the book, but sometimes you need to see someone’s jaw clench, their eyes steel, before you think “Yes. That’s the story, right there.”

Plus, Lenny Kravitz. Gold eyeliner.

Spread the Lenny love if you like.

P.S.: I have the books in e-format if you would like me to email them to you. Leave me a comment.

P.P.S.  If you don’t want to read the books, just a hilarious spoilerific summary of the first one, you should read this.  And if you have read the books, do go read this now.  You will LOL.  For reals.


3 thoughts on “In re: the Hunger Games movie haters…

  1. Janet

    I enjoyed the movie 🙂 My thought was that if you read the book, good…if not, the movie might be a tad bit hard to follow?

    I’d love a copy of the ebooks! I had them in hardcover, but gave them away.

  2. Jen in CT

    I haven’t seen the movie yet but am looking forward to it. And I agree that the the love triangle in the books felt kind of forced. Overall the story was enjoyable, though. I haven’t read them in a while and might have to remedy that soon.


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