There ought to be a word…

Clavage, n.

The span of ribcage and collarbone displayed over a tank top or other low-cut shirt by a woman with very small breasts.  Said woman may even dispense with wearing a bra on occasion.


“Dude, check out that clavage on the chick with the Browncoats cami.  She’s pretty cute.”
“I don’t know, man, she’s kind of skinny.”
“Nah, man, I dig a gal with visible ribs.” (ed. I originally wrote something crasser here and then changed my mind… it’s my blog, I can write from my id if I want to…)

Alt. usage:

“I love that new sequined tank from Old Navy on you.  It really shows off your clavage.  You have such nice skin.”
“Thanks.  I really love your new jeans.  They really show off your ass(ets.)  That cute girl over there is checking you out.”

She Curmudgeon: attempting to embrace her skinny minnie look in 2012, buy pants that fit, and displaying lots of clavage at a bookstore somewhere.


3 thoughts on “There ought to be a word…

  1. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    As one who was all about the cleavage even at 105 lbs., I say embrace away.

    My 5’10/130 lb. daughter is having my MIL sew a prom dress based on her design. It will have lots of clavage–and a VERY low back.

    1. shecurmudgeon Post author

      Backs are fun and it’s great that she’s taking the initiative to get something that works just for her body. I really envy teens today because even as sometimes I shake my head at the things that they wear, I feel like a lot of them have more body confidence than my generation (and earlier ones) ever grew up with. Or at least they’re bolder about wearing skimpier/tighter clothing. : )


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