GiST, Fashion edition

I shouldn’t be spending money on frivolous things like clothing– I shouldn’t.  I have some serious problems with my law school loans right now that are going to take me a long time to pay off, and my credit is awful.  But.  When I was at a conference in September– and then yesterday at a Faire (not just a fair, a Faire, mind you) with a friend, there were items that grabbed me.

First, an antique kimono in an orange and green and gold pattern, autumnal, subtle, with bridges, leaves, trees.  It could be a Hokusai, muted.  I have no need for it, nowhere to wear it.  But there was a perfect green obi and the complementary purple cord in the pile and when I put it on– I have no geisha ambitions, no fantasies of that ilk.  It simply looked right, right enough that random people stopped and looked and I remembered a time when I was a lot younger and I’d spent time in Japan and … stories for another time, but.  Yes.  Lots of stories.

And yesterday, a black corset with a gold falling leaves, just on the central panels in front and in back.  I am not a corset person.  Ever.  Before.  Maybe after.  But for then, and during the Faire?  Sure.  Why not?  If not at a Ren Faire, then where?  And I got nods from people of all stripes (and I really mean all stripes, the lady in the tiger tights was something to behold), so maybe I was doing it right, as the kids say.

I haven’t ever owned lots of art, much less the wearable sort, and I don’t have any idea when I’ll wear these next, if ever.  But I can put them on nice hangers– put them up on the wall– and remind myself that clothes don’t make the woman, but they can call out the recollection that there are lots of possibilities, every day.


5 thoughts on “GiST, Fashion edition

  1. Dawn

    oooh, those sound lovely! Maybe you could post a picture of them once you have them hanging up?

    And it’s true you need to treat yourself once in a while–set your priorites. Go to the movies, but forgo a treat from the store or that book. (ok, bad example, maybe, considering you work ing a bookstore). I one knew someone in financial difficulties as bad as mine or worse at the time, and he saw a lot of movies while I figuured I didn’t have the money. But I was buying things at the grocery store he wasn’t, so it balanced out.


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