Childhood, processed, grace-full

Processed foods were expensive and required a coupon.  That we bought them meant we had money, comparatively, and didn’t have to worry about making rent or other financial particulars for that hand-to-month.  Plus?  Oscar Mayer’s cheese dogs are simply delicious, and to hell with the horrifying ingredient list.

I bought them this week after finding them in my new supermarket.

They were as good as I remembered.  I put half the pack in the freezer, but I didn’t stop myself from glutting myself on all four in the first pack and slathering them with Gulden’s mustard, just like I used to.

It doesn’t change the rest of my to-do list or all the other things on my metaphorical plate.  But it’s a real respite.


4 thoughts on “Childhood, processed, grace-full

  1. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    The processed food I remembered from childhood with great fondness (though not from my own home–my mother did NO processed foods or refined sugars) was Vienna sausages. I tried them a few years ago in a fit of nostalgia and blech! I’m glad your memory tasted better.

  2. thordora

    Creamsicles. Remind me of my Mom, who used to sneak them in the house and eat them when Dad wasn’t home. 🙂 Not cause she was dieting, but because she didn’t want to share :p

  3. CTJen

    I’m so glad they were all you remember. So many of my favorite foods from childhood are on the forbidden list now thanks to my (and my children’s) gluten and dairy intolerance that all I’ve got left is nostalgia.


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