Those darned tiles…

Arranging box calendars on one of our largest tables at work is like playing live-action Tetris.  Except with large, awkwardly-sized tiles that fall over and don’t really fit together and are in questionable taste in significant part (so many toilet and poo and other scatalogical themes!) and are really something that are just going to just be a giant PITA rearranging and keeping the stock fresh and in conforming with merchandise guidelines from now until the middle of January.

Though that’s just my personal opinion, because I’ve always been a one wall-calendar, one Moleskine planner type gal.

P.T. Barnum will always be right, though– as soon as I was done with the table, that table was swarmed, and I had to reset it twice before I left for the day.  And the book-a-day one looked kind of interesting.  : )


2 thoughts on “Those darned tiles…

  1. Lisa

    We have a box calendar stand but you can fit about 3 of each design on it and we have about 20 of each in stock. So it’s just chaotically piled-up and overflowing.

    also, hi!


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