Subliminal. Or something.

I was remarking about how jaunty the little guy in the walk signal box is up here in the north.  At home, ours looks like he needs new meds or something, but here?  IDK, maybe it’s just PEI and it’s an older design– still, he’s all struttin’ and stuff, walking with purpose, his head up like he knows where he’s going.  See?

I like him.

And then my Dad pointed out a certain resemblance:

(Google Images, natch, JW ownership disclaimed, all that etc.)

Add a cane and the little walk signal guy just needs a thought bubble that says “It’s five o’clock somewhere, someone pour me a scotch and make it a double!”

Despite the fact that I was a little crestfallen by the subliminal advertisers at work, making me like a poor, innocent crosswalk sign just because I’m a lush, I still like the poor little guy.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m feeling a little bit thirsty.  : )


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