GiST, PEI edition

St. Dunstan’s Basilica, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, whose Bishop Morrison sponsored my orphaned teenage (13! just a baby, really) great-grandfather to an engineering program at the University in Antigonish in Nova Scotia, allowing him to get a steam engineer’s job in Charlestown, MA.  It also seems Bishop Morrison was a cousin on my great-great grandmother’s side.  Yay, Irish-Catholic nepotism, which led to my father’s ancestors becoming settled in Boston and me much later coming into the world and coming back to the Island to visit (now, twice).  The Basilica’s lovely.


2 thoughts on “GiST, PEI edition

  1. Leah

    I’m glad to see you’re having such a great time. It appears to be just what you needed. As for me, I’m just happy saying the name “Antigonish” out loud a few times. What a delicious word! I also have fond memories of a delious meal in Antigonish. : )


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