Homemade bathtub reading enhancements (GiST #8)

I love, love, love that my Dad is such a bathtub reader that there is a board cut exactly to fit the width of the tub from all the house’s scrap lumber– it fits a book and a cup of tea perfectly, and sits high and far enough back in the tub’s configuration that I don’t knock it with my knees, either.

(The book?  Spoon Fed by Kim Severson.)



3 thoughts on “Homemade bathtub reading enhancements (GiST #8)

  1. Mrs. G.

    I am a bath reader too! It’s the best and I don’t even have a board–there is something to market! I only take in books I own (not the library’s) because they do tend to get sloggy over time.

  2. magpie

    i wish i had more time for baths. the 7yo always wants to climb in with me…sigh. also, our hot water heater really doesn’t put out enough hot water to satisfy me. fine for a shower, but not the kind of bath that needs periodic refills of the hot…

    that said, i usually read magazines in the tub.


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