Grace-full, 5-7

  • The man in the red brocade vest and the pimping red glasses who interrupted his phone call on the payphone (the PAYPHONE) outside the Harvard Coop last night to call “I’ll talk to you LATER, sweetcheeks!” when I smiled at his vest and mouthed that I liked it.
  • The new Porgy and Bess (AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING), revised book by Suzan-Lori Parks, and my friend E. for suggesting we go.  Not only had I not been to the A.R.T. (nor seen Porgy and Bess before) but the way the story was revised, so it’s about two broken people making bad decisions and trying, both badly and well, to love one another– was something I really needed to see.  It’s nice to see a hopeful ending, as well.
  • Sweet cream ice cream with caramel sauce after a long lunch with C.– and fried seafood at the last minute with E., and a long conversation with I., despite my bad phone phobia, and all the texts and FBs with L., and a picnic with the other L. in my immediate circle, and all the other amazing friends who have been here to listen.

One thought on “Grace-full, 5-7

  1. Leah

    Wow! A re-write of the Porgy & Bess story. That’s fascinating! I just checked the website and there are only a few seats left and at too high a price for my current budget. However, I’m going to go home and listen to “It Ain’t Necessarily So.” Who doesn’t smile at the lyric “he made his home in that fish’s ab-dome-en”? : )


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