Grace x 4

Five giant white swans, all clustered together and floating and sleeping, their heads tucked under their curvaceous necks, their white bodies mirrored in the becalmed Charles River Basin near the Hatch Shell at about 7:30 this morning.

There were two men standing behind me in line at a bakery as I waited for my chance to buy some truly delicious croissants, the kind I shouldn’t be eating except that I was sharing them with a friend for a breakfast picnic; they were talking away in some kind of Arabic and nobody blinked, which was lovely in and of itself on today of all days.  What was even more lovely was the fact that “bullshit” pretty much sounds the same in whatever variant of Arabic they were speaking as it does in English.

I kind of love this pomegranate oolong tea.  We sell it at work in a slightly different tin and I get the 30% discount on it, which makes me way happy, because I’ve always loved all of Harney’s products, and while I am a loose tea snob, their sachet teas are really good.


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