Grace in Small Things, The Third

Today felt like fall– there was a coolness in the air and that golden tint to the light that said summer is over and I was really glad.  Relieved, even.  I have always been a back-to-school kind of person, even when I was out of school– it just feels like the time of year when new things begin for me.  I like picking apples and changing leaves and sweaters and cozying under blankets and using dutch ovens and pulling out courduroy pants and light jackets.

My friend E. and I had an impromptu hey-let’s-meet-for-supper and dined al fresco on the beach (is it really when there are two lanes of traffic between you and the concrete barrier wall that separates you from the sand?  I say it counts, plus there was all the tartar sauce you could pump, and that, my friends, is important….)  at a clam shack.  A couple came in for take out walking a black Labrador puppy whose propulsion system was all rear legs, tail and HUGE puppy grin.  Wouldn’t it be nice to propel one’s self under that kind of power?

Four of us all wore orange to work, which is kind of hilarious because we’re just not that kind of fashion-conscious store.

I know it’s all over every indie radio station ever, but I love the new Bon Iver album, and Calgary always either chokes me up or makes me feel like I can do it.  My music manager knows I love the hell out of the album and always plays it whenever we’re both working– that and the Avett Brothers.

Today’s Writer’s Almanac poem was about how a to-do list included “sunlight” in between broccoli and the rest of the mundane.  “[P]leasure/is a thing/that also needs accomplishing./ Do you remember?/ that time and light are kinds/
of love, and love/ is no less practical / than a coffee grinder/ or a safe spare tire?”  I didn’t get much time out in the sunlight today, but after E. and I had supper tonight, we walked home and talked and laughed about mutual friends and when we got back to my car we leaned and looked up and I couldn’t remember the last time I’d looked up at the stars.

Tonight, I laughed and had dinner with a friend and looked up at the stars.


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