An alternative to the Full Moon Theory

I have a book title/idea for Malcolm Gladwell.  “Clusterfucknomenon:  Why Everyone Flocks to the Cashier the Minute One Person Has a Return or Needs Something Wrapped.”

Plus, I did have the idea before the Better Half sent me this link.

Although the loonies really do come out when the moon is full, too.  And when the astrological signs are in retrograde. And when it’s Sunday.

Malcolm, call me– I’ll let you have the idea for 50%.  Or just stop by the store.  But don’t cut off the people already in line or I might have to shiv you with my shiny box cutter– and some other day than a Sunday, please?  Those are the days I’m busy gift wrapping and doing returns for, um, everyone.  Yeah.


3 thoughts on “An alternative to the Full Moon Theory

  1. alejna

    I have to say, I don’t miss retail. My exposure to loonies is much more limited these days, happily.

    (That link is hilarious! I just got “Slurp: What Kittens’ Tongues Teach Us About Derivatives.” Do you have that book in stock?)

  2. magpie

    You and your retail stories are the reason that instead of trying to return one of the two copies of the Sondheim book that we got for Christmas, I’m going to give it to my sister.


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