Easy, sexy chocolate mousse (pudding)

For those of you who don’t follow the Recipe Redux column Amanda Hesser writes in the NYT Sunday Magazine, here’s a double thumbs up from the BH and I for the Chocolate-Rum Mousse.

The BH made it for us for New Year’s Eve dinner, and it is, as Hesser says, more pudding-like than a real, “proper” mousse.  That said, it’s rich, chocolatey, rummy, and completely delicious.  The BH reports that it’s also literally a whiz to make in the blender, pun completely intended– he used chocolate chips for the chocolate, and it took less than a half hour to make, start to finish.  The only “trick” ingredient is the plain, unflavored gelatin, since I’m the kind of nerd who has that in my pantry, but most well-stocked supermarkets have it these days.  And when it’s done, you’ve got an easy, sexy chocolate dessert that’s got Jello beat, whatever you call it.


5 thoughts on “Easy, sexy chocolate mousse (pudding)

  1. magpie


    I was reading that same article and thinking fondly of the chocolate mousse that I learned to make – one with melted chocolate mixed with raw egg yolk (in the blender) to which you added the beaten egg whites. And a dash of rum. Raw eggs – so politically incorrect!

  2. Leah

    I thought the BH disapproved of flavoring desserts with alcohol (except, of course, Guinness). Is rum another exception to the rule?

  3. Cheri @ Blog This Mom!

    Most supermarkets do have plain gelatin, which I know because I made marshmallows. True story. Once you’ve had a homemade marshmallow, you’ll never ever ever eat one from a bag again. Also a true story.

    I would try the mousse but I’m on day two of sugar detox. I know, I know. Again with the sugar detox.



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