Provincetown, 2010

We finally had a long-ish weekend away. We spent the weekend in Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod. There was walking– and eating greasy Portuguese sandwiches for breakfast including a custardy-yum pasteis de nata and fabulous fish and chips for dinner one night and another HOMGYUM breakfast oh, there was laughing and talking and just so much time together. A good time was had. Most definitely.  I’ve got hundreds of pictures, including some lovely long walks at the beach, but Provincetown’s not all just that.  There were some really interesting chairs, for example.

I know.  Chairs, right?

There were light fixtures, dogs and boats, too.  And of course, there was the beach.  And the flowers.  The whole set is here if you’re feeling like you just cannae wait for the stories.

(Also– shameless plug is totally shameless.  The bakery and the totally-NOT-twee as-I’d-expected tea house we stopped at in Sandwich on the way back were featured in this book which you should come buy at MY store in Chestnut Hill because we’re having a contest all over the state and I want to win, damnit.  And it’s a good book– so far, the recommendations seem to be sound.  J/K.  You could buy it online or at your local retailer of books, etc., but it’s still a good book.)


5 thoughts on “Provincetown, 2010

  1. Janet

    I haven’t been to P-Town since the 1980s…and I’m going soon! I rented Michelle’s brother’s house in Yarmouth for a week the middle of June and I plan on taking day trips 🙂


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