Um. Anyone want to read some short stories?

So… that wannabe writer thing?  I’ve been working (quietly, shh, because even putting them here on the blog counts as publication) on some actual, real-live original fiction.  And I’ve finally gotten the ovaries to start sending them out to people for rejection consideration for real, live publication.

I do have a few people I can send them to for reviewing and editing, but … for example, I send a flash fiction piece to my Dad, an inveterate reader, and his comment was “you should continue with this.”  Which is a backhanded compliment, sure, but it’s flash fiction.  1000 words was the point.

So, do any of you dear readers want to take some pieces for an occasional test drive?  You don’t need to feel the need to be an editor, say– but I’d love to just get some feedback about whether the piece feels real and sincere.

I don’t have anything right now that needs reading, but if you’re up for it, just leave a comment!  And thanks!


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