If you liked it, then you should have put an egg on it.

Beyonce, girlfriend, forget rings.  You and I have got to talk about fried eggs.  Especially this one.  Because there’s this woman Deb, she runs an excellent website, and she has a recipe I think you will like– because see that glossy, fried golden egg on top of it all? This is a recipe all the Single Ladies can cook in less than a half hour (once the chopping is done), fried egg and all, and you only need one pan to cook it all in, even if you need a few bowls for your ingredients.

You can even scoop the cooked hash to one side and do the eggs on the clear bit, to conserve on the washing of dishes.

And that’s something to sing about.

Deb specifically mentions putting the fried egg on top, and are we glad we did.  It binds everything together in creamy deliciousness.  We served this with Australia’s Pillar Box Red, despite the warnings not to serve red wine with asparagus.  It worked, nevertheless.

This is definitely something that’d work with green beans later on in the season– no reason not to repeat the combo of fresh green flavor with hash savoriness all through the summer.

(I’m desperately trying to find some way to make some bootylicious joke, but I’m just lame!fail tonight.  But the recipe works.  Trust me on this.)


6 thoughts on “If you liked it, then you should have put an egg on it.

    1. bipolarlawyercook

      Well, you can leave it off– it’s wonderful even without! I ate the rest today for lunch without the eggs and it was great, sans runny yolk.

  1. kate


    I’ll be over in an hour. That’s enough time, right?

    Fried eggs are my second favorite food of all time. My first is scrambled eggs.


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