New Year’s Eve Soup and Salad

So, there’s this “cook” thing in my screen name.  And I do it, sometimes.  Amazing, I know.

Et voila, proof of the photographic variety, because you’re all no, we do not believe it.  All you do is bitch about people without their receipts.  Because you’ve never lost one piece of paperwork in your life.

So.  Recipes, of a sort.

Zucchini, shredded on the mandoline, salted with kosher salt and tossed with fresh ground black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, a capful of bottled lemon juice (shh, it’s my real gourmet secret) and blood orange sections and the juice of the post-sectioned fruit, all smushed up in my hand as a way of getting out my petty frustrations.

And then there was soup.  Lucky soup, all round coin-like shapes of lentils and sausage, green spinach for money to boot.  The recipe’s here at Epicurious, though I used sweet sausage, not hot.  I’m contrary like that.

Light and crunchy, sweet and tart– followed by warm, earthy, hearty and filling.  Not contrary at all.  Just damned lucky.

Yummy, too.

Yields– lots of leftovers, good for crummy days like today, when there’s shoveling to be done.

Happy New Year, my friends.  May you have bright contrasts, followed by warm, pleasing fulfillment that sticks with you for hours.


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