I am leery about conversations on feminism

… and yet, Joanne Lipman had an interesting Op-Ed piece in the Times. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “I am leery about conversations on feminism

  1. Colette

    I think she definitely has some good points.

    I’m in high tech, which has been heavily hit by layoffs for 8 or 9 years. I’ve been laid off twice, and my reaction has always been “OK, what’s next”. I keep in touch with former colleagues, and sometimes go back to visit. My male colleagues, on the other hand, seem to have much more of their self image tied up in their job – when they get laid off, it’s much more devastating, and it’s rare to hear from them again.

    I’m not American, but the coverage of female politicians (or public figures in general) definitely shows a gender bias – when was the last time you saw a story that talked about what a male candidate was wearing?

    Another part of the puzzle that she doesn’t talk about is child care/home responsibilities. I worked with a group of wonderful men – happily married, engaged in their childrens’ lives – and when their wives had plans in the evening, they’d be “babysitting”. I’d point out that it’s not babysitting when it’s your own child, and they’d reply that they don’t know the bedtime routines, etc.
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  2. meg

    She has some interesting points but I think she missed the point of some of the earlier feminists – they were all about getting respect. I do agree that a sense of humor is invaluable…….

  3. Dawn

    I daresay I could get an entire rant up and running here, though 90% would be based on hearsay, since I am not in a profession where there are a lot of men to compete against, I don’t own a car, and so on. I would say part of the reason we don’t get as much respect as we should is because we aren’t out there demanding it or forcing it. I’ve heard people say that in our rush to prove ourselves equal, we lowered ourselves (see her comment about the cussing, etc); I don’t know. Certainly the earliest feminist/suffragist goals have been met–I can go vote, earn my own money, buy property if I want, etc, etc. Can I go work in a male-dominated field? Technically yes, but in reality? Beats me.
    I do know that while some behavior can be legislated, atttudes cannot–and they take a heck of a lot longer to change.

    And then I discovered this: http://www.anndaly.com/blog/2009/10/top-10-uwritten-rules-that-could-sabotage-your-career.html
    I can testify to at least one part of that: “one internal corporate study showed that women will apply for an open job only if they meet 100% of the criteria listed, while men will apply if they meet just 60%.” Very true.


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