Kids these days …

The husband upgraded the version of WordPress I use yesterday, which involved a fair amount of cussing at the site host server– #&*&%^&%$ timed logouts and non-intuitive layout and fucked up contradictory upload and ftp client server sections, GoDaddy can Yo Mama as far as the BH is concerned– and then a certain amount of $&^$%*&* and site-related HUNH? once that was done because one of the config files had a typo of some sort in it.  I almost sort of stayed awake, though, (and got some dishes done) and though I’d never have figured out what was wrong once the upload of the new program was done and it turned out all was not right in the config files in Denmark, I’m going to play around on the back end of this here little blog with the new features and plugins and add-ons for the next week or so.

So… if something new bugs the crap out of you or doesn’t work right or … whatever, just let me know.  Right now I’m all “Three columns!” and “I did just fine without all these new features!” and “It didn’t do that before!”  I’m starting to sound like Grandpa Simpson.

Now, where’re my pants?

(Also, and completely unrelated, I may have spent an hour I’ll never get back watching the newest episode of Glee on the Hulu this morning.  Not that I care.  Jane Lynch could star in a show about paper bags and I’d watch it.  Although … I was a drama club geek in high school, so no matter the field hockey team and valedictorian shit, the urge to Hey, kids, let’s put on a Show!!! *Insert Jazz Hands Here* runs strong in my blood.  Not that I can sing for shit, but there are always roles in musicals for that precise purpose.  Bonnie in Anything Goes and Eulalie MacKechnie Shin in Music Man, anyone?)


4 thoughts on “Kids these days …

  1. Robert Modean

    Woman you slay me! “GoDaddy can Yo Mama as far as the BH is concerned” let me just say that as a professional geek I feel his pain. There is a special hell reserved for third party service providers and the coders who write their updates. Message to any code-geek reading this, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. There’s a fine line between helpful innovation and obnoxious geegaws that detract from the overall functionality of the product. Okay, /soapbox off.

    Oh, and on an unrelated note I couldn’t help but leave you with this Grandpa Simpson quote: “Well, whenever I’m confused, I just check my underwear. It holds the answer to all the important questions.”

    Looking forward to seeing what new ‘innovations’ this update brings. 😉

    Be Well, Robert


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