An ex-lawyer works in a bookstore…

I got the job.  I start Monday.  And I’m ridiculously excited about it, and not just because of those two lovely words, Employee Discount.

In some alternate universe where I was more blase or just a yuppie asshole with grandiosity problems brought on by graduate school I might be rolling my eyes at myself for being excited to be the head cashier at one busy store in a national bookstore chain, but I just spent the weekend helping make sure there was enough food on the table and all the other things needed to set up and ensure that A. & E.’s wedding reception went as smoothly as possible.  The feeling of looking around and seeing that tangible things were being accomplished was a warmer feeling than I’ve had recently by pushing paper over my desk.

Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy some new shoes, since Thoreau was just plain wrong about being wary of enterprises requiring new clothes.  I mean, the guy nearly burnt down all of Concord with a badly-set campfire.  (See, literary trivia.  I’m practicing for work.)


17 thoughts on “An ex-lawyer works in a bookstore…

  1. Robert Modean

    Congratulations on the excellent news! Not to brag but I predicted you’d get the job ages ago and I am never wrong, except when I am of course but then it’s just rude to point that out. Anyway I wish you all the best, and if there are any two words more beautiful than “Employee Discount”, with respect to the retail world at least, I’ve yet to encounter them. Again, congratulations!

  2. Dawn

    I think I’m jealous (between the job itself and the speed). But congrats anyway…never let it be said I can’t be gracious! And trust me, you’ll have stories–retail always does. “I’m looking for the book Oprah talked about this morning… Title? I don’t know, but it had a red cover…” 😉

  3. Allison

    Congratulations! A bookstore sounds like a fine place to spend one’s time, even better to be paid for it. I’m considering a transition from desk jockey to cake baker myself, for the sake of sanity and the sheer joy of not pushing paper around all day.
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..untitled =-.

  4. bipolarbear

    Dude, congrats on the job! Now, hie yourself to the nearest New Balance store and buy yourself some Aravon shoes. At least two different kinds so you can switch off. Take it from someone who’s been on her feet in retail since 1984 and has massive heel spurs to prove it. ❤
    .-= bipolarbear´s last blog ..Catharsis =-.

  5. Jenn @ Juggling Life

    You will do so much better at your bookstore than the idiot manning the help desk at my local B & N. I asked where if they might have a copy of Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut somewhere other than the V’s (where I already looked).

    I couldn’t figure out what was taking so long until she asked me if “Light house” was one word or two.
    .-= Jenn @ Juggling Life´s last blog ..TGIF Has Never Meant So Much To Me =-.


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