Tips for a happy marriage

When Wii Boxing with your spouse, it will be less disturbing if you use the Mii icons that DON’T look like you.  Because I just got KO’d, and I’m more annoyed than I should be.


9 thoughts on “Tips for a happy marriage

  1. Nail Nibbler

    You could try a piece of bloody chipped tooth in his virtual face while going “WHA WHA!!”

    Maybe throw a “Suckah!” on there.

    Fa Sho.

    *robotdancers reinvented. No more RD. It’s all about nibblin’ the nails now.

  2. onthecurb

    This reminded me of playing some shoot-’em-up video game with a normally very loving/doting/caring boyfriend who repeatedly blasted my character’s head off. Man, it made me so angry. I think I’ll steer clear of the Wii Boxing.


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