A blueberry mango soy smoothie

The landlord had some serious work done on the studio that adjoins the house this week, and there was hammering and prepping and sawing all weekend into Tuesday, the smell of sawdust and hot metal and tar paper and roofing chemicals filling the air.  There was the clatter of ladders and hammers banging and nails and metal tools clanging (okay, thumping, but I’m trying to go for a literary thing here) the whole day, and the guys working played a variety of radio stations as they talked and worked away.

These guys were real professionals, though.  They were making hay (or papering rooves as the case may be) while the sun shone, so the landlord made the coffee runs while the guys still worked. (We have a nice independent coffee shop around the corner, complete with wi-fi and open mic nights.) No joke, this was one of the conversations, the landlord calling up from the ground.

“I’m going to go get some coffee around the corner, what do you want?”

Voice one:  “Large coffee, two sugars, no cream and a maple walnut scone.  Or peach if they’re out of the maple.”

Voice two:  “A medium latte and one of the chocolate biscotti.”

Voice three:  “A blueberry mango soy smoothie and one of those vegan corn muffins.”

I couldn’t help it, I peeked.  It was the big burly crew chief who wanted the vegan breakfast delights.  God, I love Massachusetts.


6 thoughts on “A blueberry mango soy smoothie

  1. alejna

    That’s wonderful. I love it!

    (Also, I wouldn’t mind having an indie coffee shop around my corner. Around my corner, we have cows. Massachusetts cows, mind you. )

    alejnas last blog post..May Just Posts


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