Sunday Morning Breakfast Ruminations

The Internet, besides being the source of all knowledge, porn and fanfiction (and, erm, we’ll get to that shameful new addiction of mine some other time, mmkay?) is also a source of new words, abbreviations and phrases, although sometimes it’s just responsible for making those words from music/tv/press go “viral.” (See, that’s a very Intarwebz word, too.)  Without teh Intarwebz, how would I know of the additions to the lexicon that are: nom, “i can haz,” LOL, kthxbai, “oh hai,” (hmm, clearly I read too much LOLcats) GQMF (GQ Motherfucker), mmkay, FAIL, EPIC, and ‘EPIC FAIL’ (a thing of beauty forever), ‘for the win,’ LMAO plus its various iterations, and MOAR.  And let’s not forget “you win the Internet.”

“See, no, ‘MOAR’ is not a word,” the Better Half sputtered and fumed.  “Different spellings don’t count.  They just don’t.”  His voice rose and he stood behind his chair, so indignant that he ignored his pancakes.  (That’s a lot of indignation.  The BH is quite devoted to pancakes.)

“No, it counts,” I said calmly, putting on my “I can rationalize anything with logical-sounding total bullshit” lawyer hat.  “See, ‘more’ as a word fails to encompass the concept of ‘MOAR,’ because the original word fails to encompass the sense of complete and total AWSUM that something can have in a way that forecloses anything ever being better than the thing being described as ‘MOAR.'”

I have never heard a more indignant series of “tsks” and exasperated breathing, nor have I ever seen someone turn vigorous eye-rolling into a full body event.  Sweetie, you win the Internet.  And the eye-rolling Olympics.  But I still need you to maintain this website, because I can haz bandwidth?  Kthxbai.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Breakfast Ruminations

  1. phil

    rotflmao etc

    but I thought MOAR was “mother of all (most often the r is for retards)” in the same way that GOAT is “greatest of all time”

  2. alejna

    I have yet to spontaneously write LOL. I’m one who will say, “that made me laugh out loud.” But I’m wordy like that. I’m more likely to chuckle quietly to myself. CQTM.

    This post made me CQTM.

    alejnas last blog post..May Just Posts


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