Note to Self

Dear Self:

Yes, your husband is ex-Army.  Yes, your husband is a computer Geek.  Yes, your husband is an avid reader of blogs about fonts and design.  (Yes, fonts.  Like Optima.*)  And yes, if you ever, ever reference a phrase from any Broadway show written or performed before 1990, it will set off the singing of said song and then every other song in said musical, and then every other musical by same composer.  And then Jesus Christ Superstar.  Just because he likes it.

Note to self: stay away from the song references.  Even if there ain’t nothing like a dame.



*The BH says if he was to marry a font, it would be Optima.  Do you see what I’m dealing with?


5 thoughts on “Note to Self

  1. Leahstan

    It’s all about perspective. My favorite thing (“these are a few of my favorite things”) about your BH is that he sings all those broadway songs … because I do it too. You must hate it when we get going.

  2. alejna

    I’ve thought this before, but I think I would like your husband. I have a few show tunes in my repertoire, myself. (Does that make you afraid to ever meet me in person? It’s highly unlikely that I would break into song.)

    Did I already bring up with you the topic of Helvetica? (The movie, that is.) My husband and I watched it a few months ago on a whim, and it was great.

    alejnas last blog post..spaghetti day


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