We are now those people

Sunday night the Better Half and I went to the movies and realized that we are now those people we used to mock as we sat making out with our high school dates, snarfling popcorn and candy like calories were irrelevant and otherwise living adolescent, ego-centric lives.  Not so now.

We got off the subway and came up to street level and made our first and most important stop: the CVS, home of cheaper soda, candy and nuts than the movies.  Eleven bucks yielded diet soda, San Pellegrino, Milk Duds, Peanut M & Ms (i.e., the world’s most nutritionally complete candy) and a bag of (shelled) pistachios.  That same money would just earn you the right to order in the theater.  Food shopping accomplished, I stuffed these healthy snacks into my purse so that the folks at the theater would not send me away for bringing somewhat affordable food inside.

Next, we purchased our tickets and proceeded to our assigned theater.  Along the way, I became Extremely Antsy and just managed to stifle the following inner tirade: “What’s wrong with this stupid teenager in front of me?  He’s on his phone, weaving like he’s drunk in pants hanging off his ass and it’s impossible to go around him, he’s so unpredictable and IF I DON’T GET A GOOD SEAT BECAUSE OF HIM I AM GOING TO BE MAD.”  Ahem.  So, yeah, I kept that part quiet.  (You’re welcome, sweetheart.)

Then, seats found, we discussed various items of international political import while ignoring the TWENTY MINUTES of ads and product placements and web-only trailer promotions before we even got to the actual previews, during which there were more ads.  I did declare it then and declare it so now– the stuff on that screen before the actual movie shall henceforth be known as TrailerTrash.

And then the movie came– we laughed, I got weepy at one point, and we both had a grand old time right through the end.  Including the end of the credits.  All of them.  We were the last ones in the theater while the cleanup crew hugged the walls wanting to know why the hell we cared about Foley Artists.  (We just do, alright?)

So yeah– we are food-smuggling, credit-watching, trailer-ignoring cranky old people.  We didn’t even kick the back of anyone’s seat.  What’s up with THAT?

(We saw Star Trek.  It was really, really, really fun, and the Kirk/Spock dynamic was really well done.  I knew I was always a Trekkie, but I didn’t think I was that much of a geek until I caught myself waiting for them to trot out every character’s catch phrase or mannerism.   At least I didn’t whine that the dimensions of the “Real” Enterprise were much smaller than the ones in the movie.  *Cough* Better Half *Cough*.)


7 thoughts on “We are now those people

  1. gail b

    Last time i went to the cinema i asked my husband, quite seriously, if we paid GOOD money to see the film (cause it ain’t cheap) why do we still have to watch all the commercials? Why is the admission not subsidised by the companies advertising? We’re British! We don’t expect to pay for something AND be subjected to commercials. It’s either one or the other…

  2. Mike Golch

    glad that you enjoyed the movie,and yes I’m one of those prople to.
    At least we did not wear pants that exposed half of our rear ends as “kids’ do now a day. the Neru jackets well that is a horse of a different color.

    Mike Golchs last blog post..A Prayer request.

  3. phil

    I totally concur…I have been this close (holding fingers about an inch apart) from “shushing” some teen agers who kept talking and I haven’t purchased snacks at the theater in years because of the markup…. $7 for five pounds of ice and 4 oz of coke? please

  4. alejna

    We always stay for the credits. At least if I recall correctly. It’s been some time since we saw a movie in theater. (Was it Gone with the Wind? Oh, wait. Maybe it was X-men 3. But whatever. It’s been a long freakin’ time.)

    Now I find myself wanting peanut M & Ms. Darn you kids and your crazy chocolate confections!

    alejnas last blog post..Canadian blogging conspiracy revealed

  5. CTJen

    Dood! We (DH, and I) are those EXACT SAME people! At the EXACT SAME movie no less!! With a NEARLY THE SAME mental tirade about a teenager standing in the popcorn line. Furthermore, the popcorn was so HEINOUS that I will be bringing my own from now on!!!

    ZOMG! We need to do a double date. Well, unless that would create some sort of space-time continuum destroying paradox. In that case, probably not such a good idea…


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