Mango fried rice, a bottle of wine, and Hugh

To completely bastardize the famous verse in the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam about books, wine, bread and thou, I had a lovely Saturday night with my friend L.  We picked up some Pad Kee Mao (chicken, nicely spicy, loaded with Thai Basil) and Mango Fried Rice, drank a bottle of a flinty Macon-Villages, and feasted our eyes on this:

Yeah.  Dirty, sweaty, bearded Hugh Jackman in Baz Luhrman’s Australia.  Just, yeah.  The movie was fun in an over-the-top, melodramatic way, and the cinematography, costuming and color saturation were all incredible.  The scenery was also fantastic.  Australia?  Pretty.  Nicole Kidman?  Prettier.  Hugh Jackman? Prettiest of all.

Need more proof?  Exhibit B.

Still not convinced?  Exhibit C.

He cleans up well, right?  You can take him anywhere.  And if the clutter around the house gets out of control, or you’ve got too many people clamoring for your time, effort and energy?

Hugh will whip things into shape for you.  I also hear he hosts large Hollywood-type events and knows his way around a Broadway stage.

But at the end of the day, while I do enjoy a movie with Hugh Jackman and his muscles and smile and great acting skills (and did I mention his muscles and smiles?) the fact remains– the BH makes a fabulous omelet, a mean cup of tea, an excellent tuna melt, and is the best, cutest, funniest Sys Admin going.  And he looks great in a tux.

Really, he just needs to work on that bullwhip on horseback thing and we’ll be all set.  Get crackin’, sweetie.


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