At least some stereotypes remain …

When I was growing up, the Boston Police Department was what you’d expect– Irish-American males.  I was in high school before it really started to change, and the efforts to recruit women and minorities were stepped up.  There have been some significant changes (though there’s always room for improvement)– more and more, you see women and minority cops directing traffic, pulling you over, and writing tickets.

Which is background to the next observation– there’s been a HUGE waterworks project on the streets surrounding my office– backhoes and cranes and even piledrivers– the smell of tar pervades everything.  And surrounding it all are orange traffic barrels and cones, yellow caution tape and detail cops, many of them women, hispanic and black.  It’s lovely to see, even though I doubt the need for three cops directing traffic on every corner.  But hey– it’s been quiet on the crime front, maybe they could use the OT.  That institutional and union stereotype aside, however, one stereotype remains.  Every.Single.One. of them has a large Dunkin’ Donuts hot or iced coffee.

You can take the stereotypical white guys out of the Boston P.D.  Just don’t touch their Dunkin’s.


3 thoughts on “At least some stereotypes remain …

  1. phil

    well their slogan is America runs on Dunkins but I think it’s really that Boston runs on Dunkins as there’s one on every block but thank goodness because you can always get some….

    plus I imagine in the 50s every detail cop was chain smoking instead of coffee so at least this is a healthier vice 🙂


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