All it takes

Grumpy day.  Parking lot misunderstandings.  Vehicle keys broken, a trek home to get one that worked.  Grumpy, weepy, mad at myself and the world.  Fortunately, the tow yard was near the T.  Fortunately, the hock for getting the car out wasn’t too high.  And fortunately, I had exact change, because otherwise I still would have felt grumpy.

After the tow-lot fella with the sideways cap and the grimy Celtics hoodie and thick South Boston accent confirmed that I had cash, not checks or credit cards, he said “Gee, I hope you’ve got change, ‘cuz Dude, I’m all out.”

I love being called Dude.  Especially when I’m in a suit.  It makes me feel un-stuffy.  So I said “I’ve got exact change, actually, singles and coins.”

I hand over the cash with a slight smile, and he bursts out into a grin.  “Who’s better than you?  No one !” he said.  And at that moment, it felt like it.

Thanks, tow-lot fella.  Who’s better than you?  No one.


14 thoughts on “All it takes

  1. g

    Funny how even someone in a job where he mostly deals with people who are at their worst (impounded cars, for god’s sake!) is still able to be positive and compassionate and giving!

    And I love that he called you Dude!

    gs last blog post..PROMPTuesday

  2. Michelle

    All of my adult life I have gotten along better with men that with other women – this is a generalization I realize – my husband says the reason I get along better with men than women is because I call people “Dude”.

    I tend to think it is because men have less drama than women but maybe the name Dude carries more power than I think!

    Glad he could make you smile!

    Michelles last blog post..Favorite Time of the Day


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