Choose our best history

I stood in the kitchen at work with everyone else in my office– lawyers, partners, paralegals, assistants– watching the innauguration and President Obama’s speech and feeling stern and jubiliant and proud and a welter of things I don’t know I’d call hope.  But I’d call it relief.  I don’t think the speech is going down in the rhetorical speech hall of fame,  but was it timely and did it set the right tone?  Absolutely.  The concept embodied in “choose our best history,” however, really struck me.  Act from the best, the most ethical, the most principled, the most hard-working parts of who we are.  Don’t be complacent.  Don’t ignore our own founding principles.  It was a call to recall what it can really mean to be an American– if we choose our best history.

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture Blog has some wonderful photos from yesterday that are taken all over the U.S. and the world.  The Missoula, MT ( # 22) and Baghdad ( #19) photos are my favorites, I think.


9 thoughts on “Choose our best history

  1. Mary Ann

    Loved that! Thanks! Please note that in photo #25, I believe that Michelle and Laura are wearing the same shoes. Do you think they called each other beforehand and were all, “So what are you wearing to the inauguration?”

  2. therapydoc

    I agree, all of the above. Aside from a few key phrases, the speech could’ve been better. Poor guy’s gotta’ be burnt out. But he’s a writer. We’re in for some good ones.

    therapydocs last blog post..The Diary


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